Mahrker Incredibly Awesome Notebook You'll Want To Write In

Mahrker is a reputable brand that specializes in producing different types of paper writing materials such as notebooks, diaries, journals, sticky note pads and other types of writing materials.

Notebooks are ideal use by students, office workers and other people that need a notebook to write down important things and information. They are produced with the highest quality materials that make them very comfortable to write on and great use for a long period of time.

People that Needs Mahrker Notebooks to Write In

Students – Students of different levels either secondary level or university level needs  notebooks to write in. They need it to write their coursework, assignments, projects and other important information. Students can use either the hardcover notebooks or the softcover notebooks for their everyday school use. Students can as well use the smaller sized notebook as a form of journal to store important personal or contemporary information.

Office Workers – Notebooks are also great for use by office workers to write down different office projects and assignments. Group office projects or individual projects that need to be effectively planned and executed can be clearly written down on the notebooks. Office secretary and assistants can as well use the notebooks to take down tasks and appointments from their bosses so they don’t forget.

Home Use – Notebooks is great to write down personal life experiences for further reference. It can serve as your personal journal where you write down all life interesting and memorable experiences. Hardcover notebooks are particularly of great advantage in this regard because it can last for a very long time and it is very secure with an elastic band that you can use to tightly close it up.

Other Purposes – You can use these notebooks for other purposes such as taking notes in the church, seminars, workshops, e.t.c. When you are going to the church, a notebook is great to take along with you to write down the sermon that is been taught by the preacher. It is also great use to write down important information and whatever is been taught in seminars and workshops that you attend.

Mahrker produces different kinds of notebooks such as;

Mahrker Hardcover Notebooks – Hardcover notebooks are notebooks that have hardcovers. They are produced for use for a long period of time. Hardcover notebooks do not easily get damaged or tore apart. Hardcover notebooks are great for long-term uses and they are easy to write on. They can be used on the move without needing any external hard materials to place them on. These produces quality hardcover notebooks of different designs suitable for different uses. There are different design hardcover notebooks for student use and plain color hardcover notebooks for office use and other purposes.

Mahrker Softcover Notebooks – Softcover notebooks are notebooks with light paper covers. They are lightweight, easily foldable and easy to move about. They are not as durable as the hardcover notebooks but they less expensive and do not occupy a great deal of space like the hardcover notebooks. Softcover notebooks are more generally used by students because they are less expensive and not very heavy to carry. These produces different kinds of softcover notebooks of different designs and colours that is suitable for different purposes.

Mahrker Notebooks comes with;

Notebooks are ruled with Premium designs – All notebooks comes in premium designs that are very affordable. We sell based on premium wholesale prices and do not compromise quality in all our notebooks. We make sure to give you the best quality notebooks at very affordable prices.

Notebooks come with Back Pocket – Notebooks also come with back pockets where you can keep your pen, money and other items you will like to quickly use as you move about. The back pocket also serves as an external covering for the book and it also create more beauty to the outlook of the book. Notebooks come in different kinds of designs and back covering, hence you can make your choice for the best one that better suit your needs.

Notebooks come with Adhesive Name Card Pocket – Mahrker notebooks also come with adhesive name card pockets where you can slot in your identity card or complimentary card. They are perfectly placed at the inner cover of the notebooks so you can easily slot in your complimentary card or identity card for any purpose you might need them. Due to the fact that you are constantly moving with your notebooks, a complimentary or identity card is needed so that you can also publicize your business or services to other people.

Notebooks come with Metal Markers (4pcs) – Mahrker notebooks also come with four pieces of metal markers. This means that when you buy Mahrker notebooks you also get four metal markers for free. Metal markers are used to draw or write on very hard surfaces such as metal or wooden surfaces.

Notebooks come with Elastic Band – Mahrker notebooks come with elastic bands that allows you to securely close your notebooks. After you have closed your notebook, use the elastic band the bind together the back cover of both sides so that the notebook is perfectly closed. Doing this will make sure that your notebook is perfectly secure that even when the notebook mistakenly falls off your hand or from the table, it won’t open up or get dirty. The elastic band will make sure the pages of the notebooks don’t open even what if falls off your hand when you are on the move.

Notebooks come with Shrink Wrap – When you buy a Mahrker notebook, it is securely wrapped with a shrink wrap to prevent any external damage. This is also to assure you that it has not been mal-handled by other people. Shrink wrap prevents dirt, wears and tears as a result of external weather conditions. Shrink wrap serves as an assurance that the book you are buying is brand new and has not be tampered with

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