Mahrker Amazing Sticky Notes that Stick on Any Surface

Sticky notes are invaluable pages which are very easy to use and which allows you to place your notes on your desktop. Sticky notes are used as a reminder for meetings and appointments and keep a record of a list which is yet to be done. A person addicted to sticky notes will not work without it and is always in habit of seeing a sticky note and remembering the work.
Sticky Note has great features like shortcut keys, so you can write on windows application without using a mouse. What you have to just write the note and stick on your desktop or your work desk.
The sticky notes can be shared with other users. We Marhker's can be customised according to your needs also. It can be used as a to-do list creator, an alarm note or even for creating random notes. For professionals, it can be used especially during a presentation. Sticky Note is a good alternative to ping someone for something.

In offices throughout the country, these little yellow or any colourful small pages seem everywhere on a desk, computer, files, folders etc. Sticky notes are in flow because they are easy to and convincing to use. They are flexible and can be placed where you want them to without any support like paper clips, staplers.                                                                      

Once people started using them it was like handing them with a habit that will last long. And once people are addicted to sticky note they can never complete a work without it. We at Mahrker produce a sticky note in very beautiful colours and provide the customers with sticky notes in form of booklets. We offer a variety of hardcovers and designs at are only from us.

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