Mahrker Referral Program

Mahrker is reputable brand Company that produces different kinds of paper materials for writing such as books, journals, sticky note pads, sketchbooks, diaries, and other writing paper materials. We are aware that there is a great need for people to always write down and keep important information (personal or educative) for future purposes. This is why we took it as a point of duty to always produce the best quality writing book materials in different sizes, shapes and designs to suit your needs.

We partner we different reputable company and online stores such as Gift&Paper Company, kinokuniya, Naiise and Redmart to sell our products to more customers around in both Singapore and Malaysia. We are always looking for ways we can increase our customer-based so that our products can get to more people that need them but have not had the opportunity to know about our products. This is why we have come up with a referral program for everyone, our existing and prospective customers.

Refer Someone to our Website and Both Sides Get 5 USD

Mahrker referral program is a win-win referral program whereby both you that referred someone and the person you referred get to receive $5 as compensation. The more people you referred to our online store, the more money you get. Most people may not understand how it works, so we are going to give a clear explanation of how this referral program work and how you can get your reward.

How it Works

First, you as the referral needs to refer a person to the Mahrker online store website with your unique referral links.

Then, the person needs to click on the link and register on the website with a few personal information and email address. When the person has successfully registered on the website and log in, he or she automatically get USD 5 as a reward which can only be used to purchase Mahrker products.

The referral will get a USD 5 reward when the person been referred has bought a product from the website. Once the person makes a purchase of any of Mahrker products, the referral will automatically get USD 5 which he or she can only use to purchase Mahrker products as well. The more people you are able to refer that registered to our online store and make purchases, the more money you make. For example, if you succeed in referring 10 people that registered and make purchases, you will get rewarded with USD 50.

Apart from this, reviewers can also make some money when they write reviews about Mahrker notebooks on their website. All you need to do is to write reviews about Mahrker books and get rewarded with USD 0.5 for it. The money can only be used to make purchases from Mahrker website.

Exciting and rewarding don’t you think? Start making money today, refer your friends, family members, colleagues and other people around you to our online store website and get rewarded when they make purchases. The people you refer can as well refer other people and it goes on and on.

Create account at and get your unique referral link.