Paper Planner or Digital Diary? How To Choose

We all have important things that we don’t want to forget. It may be a doctor’s appointment, the birthday of your favorite cousin, you may want to call your mum at a particular time or you have a very important job interview to attend in the next few weeks. There are so many things that people want to remember. Our brain can’t hold all these information so there is need to write them down in a diary either paper or digital diary. It is very important to write down important events either previous events or an upcoming event in a diary so as to keep records of them and remember them.

Types of Diary
There are two types of diaries, the paper diary, and the digital diary. These two different types of diaries have the same primary purpose which is to keep records but they have different functionalities and features.

1.Paper Diary

The paper diary is the first type of diary in existence. It has been in existence for decades and centuries. It is the traditional diary that is commonly used by most people. It has both advantages and disadvantages. We are going to have a look at the merits of using a paper diary as well as the demerits.


Easy to Use - The paper diary is easy for use for all people. There are many people mostly older ones that do not know how to navigate their way through the digital diary. They don’t know how to use it and this is really a big problem for them. The paper diary is very easy as you can easily write anything you want to write just with a pen. Simple without any hassle.

Control - Paper diary is great for any pattern of writing. You control how you write and decides on the pattern that is easy for you to remember. You can write in alphabetical order or by date. Any pattern that you think works better for you is ok!

No loss of Information - There is no occurrence of loss information or malfunction of app. A digital diary could malfunction at any time but with paper diary, you are sure of your information at hand whenever and at any given time you need it.

No Annoying notifications - When you use a diary you don’t receive any notifications or beeps that could be annoying to you. Paper dairy does not make any noise, all you need to do is to open up your diary and read through.

It improves your writing and your brain - When you write in a paper dairy it improves the way you write and also stimulates your brain better than the digital diary. Modern phones and devices have word suggestions that when you’re typing you don’t have to know the correct spellings of words, you can just select from the suggested words. With the paper diary, you don’t have such functionality, you need to think about how to correctly spell any word. This is a great way to stimulate and improve your brain.

A paper diary could easily get missing. It is just a paper, so we don’t give too much importance to it like we do our phones or other devices.

It may not be adequately organized like to digital diary since you can write anyhow and any pattern we like.

It has lesser security measures as it might fall into the wrongs hands thereby leaking of your important and private information.

A paper diary could be easily torn apart which invariably lead to loss of valuable information.

2. Digital Diary 

Digital diaries are new modern diaries. They are digital platforms or apps where we can write, store and share our personal information. It is an electronic organizer that you can use to keep information and also keep track of your day-to-day activities. There are many merits of using digital diary and some demerits too.


High level of Security – Digital diaries provides a high level of security. There are different security features or measures you can take such as using a password to secure your information from unauthorized individuals. By applying security measures to your digital diary you are sure that no unauthorized person will have access to your personal and private information.

Reminders – Digital diaries have notification and reminder functions that notify you of important events. Maybe you have a doctor’s appointment in a few weeks time and you want to make sure you remember, just use the reminder and notification function. This is an easy and effective way to remember important events at any particular time.

Easy Sharing – Maybe there is any information you want to share with your co-worker, friends or family members, digital diaries enables you to easily share information between other people who are linked with your diary. You only need to sync your diary with theirs and you can share information with them at any time with ease.

Quick and Easy Editing – The digital diary makes it easy for you to edit your information. If you make any mistake and wants to change it, you can simply edit what you wrote.

Safe and Secure Storage – By using digital diary you can store your information easily on the cloud. Even if you lose any information on your device, you can still retrieve them from your cloud storage.


Difficult to Use – Not everyone knows how to operate a digital diary. Most older people don’t know how to operate a digital diary. They find it difficult to navigate all the steps.
Online Privacy – Since your diary is online, your information may be at the mercies of hackers.

How to Choose

Paper diary is good to keep short-term information because it may tear apart with time or easily get missing. Digital diaries are more advanced, it is always with you as it is installed on your phone which you use every day. Digital diaries are safer, more secure, has reminders and cloud storage features. If you want to keep information for long-term go for digital diary.

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